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We are living in tumultuous times of unimaginable change in all aspects of our life. Home, school, and work are no longer what they used to be. Life itself is no longer structured to have these spaces and engaging in these spaces clearly delineated. Blurring of the lines, blending of the spaces bring with it an added level of stress. These are times when you need the support and guidance to find ways to reduce stress, focus on meaningful growth to live your purpose with positivity and resilience...

Beacon Awareness Network
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Introducing Our Leaders

Our Co-Founders Dr. Kasthuri Henry, PhD and Marc Hoberman are proven leaders, trusted advisors and compassionate educators serving both the academic and business world. Born out of their passion to build a resilient and sustainable society is Beacon Awareness Network. We invite you to learn more about them and the value they bring to organizations and communities around the world.