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Dr. Kasthuri Henry, PhD, is driven by her mission of Building to Last and Ennobling for Success. Her ability to understand the importance of first developing the being, and then bringing that authentic self to all the doing, makes her a sought-after member of Forbes’ Coaches Council. She is a compassionate human being who believes everyone should have the opportunity to fulfill their life’s purpose and live an authentic life fearlessly with the right to not be defined by a single story. She is an accomplished professional who trains organizations and coaches individuals around the world to grow with mindfulness, demonstrating good governance to balance the interest of the individual, organization, and society for sustained mutual prosperity. Dr. Kas has successfully led global transformation as a financial strategist, CFO, and change agent across Fortune-500 companies alongside building scalable and impactful global learning and development organizations. As a graduate school professor at North Park University and Southern Illinois University, she continues to transform students representing the US military, US public safety and homeland security, private sector, and nonprofit sectors. She is the author of the #1 International Best Seller “Ennobled For Success: From Civil War to a US CFO”. A centered approach to solving life’s challenges is the theme of her weekly video podcast,“Unleash your Inner Goldilocks: How to get it just right!”

Her Key Awards and Recognitions include:

Dr. Kasthuri Henry is driven by her passion to help build fearless organizations capable of learning, innovating and shaping the global marketplace for shared prosperity. In an interconnected world, a systems approach to addressing the mutual dependencies help build a sustainable, mindful ecosystem that has the potential to drive responsible growth. Her ultimate goal is “Building to Last and Ennobling for Success”. She accomplishes this by being

  • Author of #1 International Best Seller, “Ennobled For Success. From Civil War to A US CFO”. 2020
  • Outstanding Dedication & Service for Teaching, North Park University SBNM, 2020
  • Platinum Award and Education Award, AGA, 2016 & 2017
  • BIBO Reflection Award for Mentorship, 2015.
  • Lybrand National Award (for Manuscript Published) for Thought Leadership adding to the Management Accounting Body of Knowledge, 2012, Strategic Finance for “FP&A Squad: Financial Agents for Change (Cover Story)”. Strategic Finance, 93(4), 37-43.
  • Leader in Excellence & Execution, University Division, 2010: Career Education Corporation.
  • HSBC Impact Award, 2007: Leadership in developing Financial Analysis/Mgmt Reporting systems to drive ‘One Version of Truth’.
  • Financial Executive of the Year Award, 2006 – Honored by Institute of Management Accountants.
  • AFP 300: Senior Financial Professional Award, 2004, 2005 & 2006.
  • Professional Pedagogy Program Teaching Award, Indiana State University.
  • Who's Who Among America's Colleges and Universities, Indiana State University.
  • Most Outstanding Student of the Year 1990-1991, Bangalore University, India.
  • Most Socially Aware Student of the Year 1990 – 1991, Bangalore University, India.